All the Biodanza facilitators who appeared in the films contained within Biodanza Works pages are dynamic, professional, ethical and passionate individuals who aim to offer a safe, confidential and non-discriminatory environment for anyone wishing to attend a class. All facilitators have completed a minimum three-year training programme, and have been awarded certification from the International Biocentric Foundation (IBF).

Milarepa (Mila) Burgin

MILA JUNE 2014.jpg

Mila has a background in corporate business and is the regional manager of Alive, a charity which helps transform the lives of those who can no longer care for themselves. Offering Biodanza in care homes and hospices enables authentic connection for those most isolated in society. He works nationally and internationally, and is currently facilitating regular classes in Dorset and Sussex that are open to all. He qualified as a Biodanza facilitator in 2012.


Pavani Lovegood


Pavani’s background is one of counselling, nursing (RGN), adult education, NLP and various healing modalities and complimentary therapies. She found Biodanza in 2007 and was so passionate about the poetry and efficacy of this system, that she felt compelled to train as a facilitator, in order to share it with as many people as possible. She qualified as a Biodanza facilitator in 2015, and is also qualified to offer Biodanza Aquatica and Biodanza for Children and Adolescents Pavani works with individuals, groups and organisations nationally and facilitates classes in Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire.

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Charita Angela Miller-Smith


After discovering and falling in love with Biodanza in 2008, Charita qualified as a facilitator in 2015. Recently she became one of the first facilitators in the UK to train in Biodanza Aquatica, plus Biodanza for Children and Adolescents. She currently works in education supporting young people, and has over 40 years experience as a qualified nurse. She often collaborates with Pavani Lovegood offering classes and workshops for groups and organisations in the south of England, and elsewhere by request. Charita loves facilitating Biodanza in natural environments.

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Biodanza Works would not have been possible without the skills and expertise of the following professionals.

Katy Bullen

Katy is a creative and passionate professional filmmaker, and a newly qualified Biodanza facilitator. She works internationally on bespoke projects, empowering individuals and organisations to communicate their message through film. She is looking forward to facilitating Biodanza nationally and internationally.


Jo Calenti BA (Hons)

Jo Calenti.png

Jo is a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist who has conducted research into the therapeutic effects of Biodanza and is currently a student at The London School of Biodanza. In July 2016 she presented her research at the PCE16 Psychotherapy Conference in New York, USA. 

She first encountered Biodanza in 2013 and hasn't stopped dancing since. Producing the films for this website enables her to bring alive some of her research, and share it with others. In July 2017, Jo and Katy Bullen presented a workshop on the topic of Inclusivity at ELLTA2017, held at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok. They made history in Asia, as this was the first time dance had been included in such a conference, and it was an absolute honour to be invited to participate in this conference. Jo also chaired 5 papers, a new experience for her.

Jo is open to discuss or present her research.


Callie Carling

Callie Carling.png

Callie is a business and transformation coach, who has a vast experience of empowering others to build their business and dreams. She is a strong, focused individual who works collaboratively with groups and organisations. Biodanza got her up and dancing again in 2014.